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Mr. Bean is sleeping. The alarm starts to ring and he put it into a glass of water. Then the steam comes from the Automatic tea maker, the hot water come to his feet and got soaked. He gets up and makes the bed, walks in the room and hits his nose on the wall. Then he is awake. He puts on slippers and walks to the window, draw the curtain. Then he does some exercises and starts shaving. His almost hair are caught, so he cuts them by the scissor. Then, he opens his closet and gets a jacket and puts it on his bed. He gets the alarm and hung it on the wall. He sees the note”An appointment with the dentist 9a . m.”. Then he notices he is almost late for that. He gets his clothes, shoesand toothbrush and toothpaste and gets out of the room soon and put a blanket on a teddy bear and gets out the room.

Mr. Bean puts his stuff in the car, gets a brickand gets in the car. He starts driving and bump a trashcan. He tries to change his clothes while he is driving. He takes off pajamas and puts a shirts on. He puts a brick on the accelerator and next tries to put his pants on in the backseat. While he puts his pantd on, he uses his feet to drive. Next, he puts his socks on and finally goes back to the driver’s seat. Then, he puts his shoes in while he is driving in the rotary. Next, he uses his mouth for driving and puts toothpaste on a toothbrush. He brush his teeth and uses water from the wiper to wash his mouth. Finally, he arrives at the dentist and pushes the other car by his car and parks it on the place that other car is already parked. He gets out the car and there is a police woman. A police woman stares at him because he still has his pajamas. He puts off them, goes into the dentest.

Mr. Bean is in the dentist, and he sits on the chair. He wears a bib. His chair starts to moving. He wants to stop it but he can’t. Finally, his chairgoes back. The dentist puts his drink and X-ray of Mr. Bean’s on the table and light his mouth. Then he uses a macine and mirror to check his mouth and go somewhere. Mr. Bean gets interested in tools and uses them by himself. He vaccumes dentist’s drink too. Then the dentist comes back but there is no drink so he thinks that is strange. The dentist gives an injection to Mr. Bean and it starts working. Then the dentist turn away. Next, Mr. Bean gets interested in an injection and starts playing with that. But the dentist comes back, so he hide it. The dentist starts to checking his bad tooth agein and it hurts for him so he moves and the dentist accidentally gets an injection by the hypodermic needle Mr. Bean shot and the dentist can’t stand up. Mr. Bean has no time, so he decided to treat his teethby him self. He starts to scrapes his teeth but the he realize that thex-ray was reversed.  So, next he starts shave his opposite teeth. But then he notices that the x-ray was upside down. So next he scrapes his other teeth. But it is wrong too. So his teeth starts being damaged. Then the dentist finally gets awake adn Mr. Bean gets out of the room.


Hi guys! Today, I will introduce about my best friend, Noah! He is from the United States and twenty-five years old. I met him at the sports bar and we both like same football team, so we became best friends! His job is to teach P.E. class at high school and he is also doing high school football team’s coach. He is really fun, kind, smart and just so amazing guy! But sometimes he is annoying. That is the only bad point of him, I think. He likes playing and watching football and he also like singing! He has really good voice. We often goes to Karaoke box. That’s our favorite things to do. He is so nice guy, I want you guys to be friend with him!



I will introduce the Pog. The Pog is a combination of a Pig and a Dog. The Pog has a face like a dog and its skin’s color is pink just like a Pig’s skin. The Pog is really cute and the only bad thing is that Pog barks so hard. We can have a pog as a pet but we can also eat them. It is delicious. I want you guys to try it!


My name is Taifa and I am from South Africa. I’m twenty-five years old and a general. I am such a cute, sweet, and an awesome person I think. I have long black hair and black skin. I am tall and my height is about one hundred and eighty centimeters. I like playing sports. My favorite sports are basketball, football, volleyball, golf, and many others! I usually play basketball two times a week at my sport club and my position is guard. I am really good at it.

I also like watching movies. Recently, I watched the movie called Kick Ass and loved it. Things I hate are waking up early, insects, and studying. Those are just disgusting. I have my husband and two daughters. My husband’s name is Alex and he is from Germany. He is thirty-five years old. When I visited Germany, I saw him and I fell in love at first sight. He is an actor and such a sweet, hot, and kind guy. I love him somuch and I asked him to marry me.

My daughters’ names are Suzie and Sally. Suzie is five years old and she goes to kindergarten. She just looks like me and she is so adorable and super smart. Sally is three years old but she is a big and strong girl like my husband, Alex. She is really cute too. I love my family so much. My family likes to go on picnics. When we go on a picnic to the farm, we usually make hot dogs and S’mores and eat them. It is fun. Do you know what a S’more is? It is a dessert. It consists of marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. It’s so delicious and you should try it! Anyway, my family likes to go to the farm. We also like to go travel. This summer, we have a plan to go to Japan! We are so excited about it. This is all about me.


I’ll talk about Yuuko’s parents. Yuuko’s father has white skin and natural perm hair. He is kind person. Yuuko’s mother has short hair and her height is little taller than Yuuko. She is kind, too but sometimes, scary.


I talked with Kyoka and got some information about Shogo’s mother. Her name is Mika and she is forty-six years old. Her height is about 155cms. She has some moles on face. Her hair is brown and it’s short, and she is nurse. She is selfish and short tempered but sometimes she is kind.


I have father, mother, yonger sister, grandfather, and grandmother. My father’s name is Kousei and he is forty-one years old. He is an electrician and works at an electric power company. He is tall and strong. My mother’s name is Harumi and she is forty-one, too. Her job is to make meals for school students. My sister’s name is Natsuko and she is a seventh grade student. Natsuko and I used to fight about everything. But now, she is a good friend. My grandfather, Matao is seventy-seven years old. My grandmother, Mieko is seventy years old. They have a farm and likes to grow vegetables and flowers.


I will introduce the Orengo. It’s a combination of an Orenge and a Mango. The size is not so big but not so small. The taste is sweet but also sour, and it is delicious! The Orengo’s skin is really soft and you don’t need to peel it. It’s so expensive because it’s rare, so I think it’s hard to find it.