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Today’ I read “A Dream For A Princess from Ready to Read. Cinderella has a dream to wear a fancy gown and dancing with prince. But she lived with mean stepmother and step sisters. She had to so many chores and couldn’t go to dance. So he little friends made her a fancy gown. She thought she can go to the ball. But her host sisters tore her gown. Cinderella cried. Then, her fairy godmothe appeared and used magic. She got a royal, White horses, two coachmen, and a beautiful gown. So she could go to the ball and had  dance with the prince.

Lagonegro, Melissa. (2005). Step into Reading. A Dream for a Princess.



I read “Ratatouille: The BIG cheese from Step to Reading. YL is 0,5. This is a story about a rat called Remy. He wants to be a shef. He has to eats garbage because he is a rat. But he doesnt’t like it. He wants a good food. Oneday, he ended up in Paris and saw a fine restaurant. He looked inside and there was a chef called Linguini and was making the soup. But he was not good at cooking. So Remy fixed that soup and it became delicious. Then  Remy starts helping Linguini. They became good team.

Jordan, Apple. (2007). Step into Reading. Ratatouille The BIG Cheese.