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「Primary Classic Readers」カテゴリーのアーカイブ


Today, I read “The Three Spinners” from Primary Classic Readers. You can find more information about this book on page 139 in the Orange book. This story is about a girl who can not spin the flax. A long time ago, there was a girl who worked hard. She helped her mother everyday but she didn’t like to spin. Oneday, her mother told a lie to queen “My daughter is crying because she wants to spin. But we haven’t got enough flax to spin. The queen heard that and told her mother that “Your daughter must come to my palace.” Then the queen made a girl to spin three rooms of flax! and the queen said if she did spin all those flax, she can marry the queen’s son. But a girl doesn’t know how to spin! So she cried. Then three strange women appeared and helped a girl. Finally, a girl could finished spin all those flax and could marry the queen’s son. It was kinda interesting book I think 😉


Heath, Jennifer. (2006). The Three Spinners. Primary Classic Readers.