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Today, I read “Chang’s Paper Pony” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This is a story of Chang who is from China. He and his grondfather come to Carifonria because it’s the time of the gold rush. Chang’s dream is to have his own horse but he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. One day, he found dust gold in the floor when he was cleaning Big Peta’s house. Those dust gold was enough to buy a horse but Chang gave it back to Big Peta. Then, Big Peta bought a horse for Chang because he didn’t stole Big Peta’s gold.

Coerr, Eleanor. (1988). An I Can Read Book. Chang’s Paper Pony.



I read “Daniel’s Duck” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This is a story about a boy called Danniel. He made a wood carving duck for the spring fair. Its head is on backward but he wants it that way. Spring came and the fair starts. Daniel take his duck for the fair. Everyone comes to fair and watch his duck. Everyone is laughing at Daniel’s duck. So he is heartbroken. But nobody look down at it. Actually, they love it. So they laughed.

Bulla, Robert, Clyde. An I Can Read Book. Daniel’s Duck



Today, I read “The Boston Coffee Party” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This story is based on a true event. Emma and her sister, Sarah run to store to get some suger. But in most stores, all suger is sold out. Merchant Thomas’s shop has some suger but he charges too much. So they cannot buy them. After they get home, they tell their mother what happened. One day at the sewing party, every womans talks about Merchant Thomas’s shop and everyone gets angry. Then, they decide that they have a party and done with high charges at Merchant Thomas’s shop. It was really interesting book because this is true story.

Rappaport, Doreen. An I Can Read Book. The Boston Coffee Party.



Today, I read The Josefina Story Quilt. It’s book in the I Can Read! and book’s code is ICR3. This book is about a girl called Faith and her pet hen called Josefina. Faith loves Josefina and she took Josefina for a long journey to Carifornia. In their journey, so many troubles happened but they helped each other and overcame those troubles. Finally Josefina died but Faith felt happy because she has good memories with Josefina.

Coerr, Eleanor. (1986). The Josefina Story Quilt. I Can Read! ICR3