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Today, I read “The Black Pearls” from Cambridge University Press. It takes fourteen minutes for me to read this.



Today’ I read “A Dream For A Princess from Ready to Read. Cinderella has a dream to wear a fancy gown and dancing with prince. But she lived with mean stepmother and step sisters. She had to so many chores and couldn’t go to dance. So he little friends made her a fancy gown. She thought she can go to the ball. But her host sisters tore her gown. Cinderella cried. Then, her fairy godmothe appeared and used magic. She got a royal, White horses, two coachmen, and a beautiful gown. So she could go to the ball and had  dance with the prince.

Lagonegro, Melissa. (2005). Step into Reading. A Dream for a Princess.


I read “Ratatouille: The BIG cheese from Step to Reading. YL is 0,5. This is a story about a rat called Remy. He wants to be a shef. He has to eats garbage because he is a rat. But he doesnt’t like it. He wants a good food. Oneday, he ended up in Paris and saw a fine restaurant. He looked inside and there was a chef called Linguini and was making the soup. But he was not good at cooking. So Remy fixed that soup and it became delicious. Then  Remy starts helping Linguini. They became good team.

Jordan, Apple. (2007). Step into Reading. Ratatouille The BIG Cheese.


Today, I read “Chang’s Paper Pony” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This is a story of Chang who is from China. He and his grondfather come to Carifonria because it’s the time of the gold rush. Chang’s dream is to have his own horse but he doesn’t have enough money to buy it. One day, he found dust gold in the floor when he was cleaning Big Peta’s house. Those dust gold was enough to buy a horse but Chang gave it back to Big Peta. Then, Big Peta bought a horse for Chang because he didn’t stole Big Peta’s gold.

Coerr, Eleanor. (1988). An I Can Read Book. Chang’s Paper Pony.


I read “Daniel’s Duck” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This is a story about a boy called Danniel. He made a wood carving duck for the spring fair. Its head is on backward but he wants it that way. Spring came and the fair starts. Daniel take his duck for the fair. Everyone comes to fair and watch his duck. Everyone is laughing at Daniel’s duck. So he is heartbroken. But nobody look down at it. Actually, they love it. So they laughed.

Bulla, Robert, Clyde. An I Can Read Book. Daniel’s Duck



Today, I read “The Boston Coffee Party” from I Can Read. YL is 1,3. This story is based on a true event. Emma and her sister, Sarah run to store to get some suger. But in most stores, all suger is sold out. Merchant Thomas’s shop has some suger but he charges too much. So they cannot buy them. After they get home, they tell their mother what happened. One day at the sewing party, every womans talks about Merchant Thomas’s shop and everyone gets angry. Then, they decide that they have a party and done with high charges at Merchant Thomas’s shop. It was really interesting book because this is true story.

Rappaport, Doreen. An I Can Read Book. The Boston Coffee Party.



I read “Book Boy” from Cambridge English Readers. You can find information about this book on page 90 in the Orange book. This is a story about a boy called David, his friend Ella, and his cat pet Scoretes. David likes reading book and making story but he has no friend and he’s not happy. So he cannot make a good story. Oneday, he meet a girl called Ella who lives on the street and they become friends. But Ella has a secert… You wanna know about her secret? Then go library and  find this book 🙂

Moses, Antoinette. (2010). Book Boy. Cambridge Engish Readers.


Today, I read “Let me out” from Cambridge English Readers. You can find information about this book on page 90 in the Orange book. In this story, John make a robot called Nolan and he can do anything like houseworks, cook, landry and many more. Nolan is really smart and he begin to have feelings just like humans! Nolan want John to love me so he did good work for John. But he loves his dog pet, Sam more then Nolan. Nolan gets mad at Sam and kill him!!! It was kind of scary… If you wanna know the ending, then read this book 🙂

Moses, Antoinette. (2006). Let me out. Cambridge English Readers


I read “Blue Fins” from MACMILLAN READERS. You can find information about this book on page 88 in the Orange book. In this book, a girl called Jen and her friend, Rick come to beach and having fun. When Jen is snorkeling, she find blue dolphin in the net. The net is round the dolphin’s body and dolphin cannot swim. So Lia break the net and help dolphin’s life. Next day, when Jen and Rick is swimming, the hungry shark come to there and almost killed but at that time, dolphin which helped by Lia come to them and help Lia and Rick’s life! It was awesome story!

Axten, Sarah. (1992). Blue Fins. MACMILLAN READERS


Today, I read “The Well” from MACMILLAN READERS. You can find information about this book on page 88 in the Orange book. This is a story about a girl called Lia and her family. Lia has a grandmother. She is old, sick, sad and her husband is dead. Her grandmother has farm and often tell Lia that “Please, go to the farm and get a bucket of water from the well”. So, Lia decided to go to the farm and get a bucket of water for her grandmother. When Lia find the well, the water in there smells bad but she found gold coins from there!

Harris, Clare. (2004). The Well. MACMILLAN READERS