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Today, I watched “FULL HOUSE” with Miho. When we watched this at the LLC, we chose English sound and English subtitles

Full House is an American comedy TV show. This is a story about Tanner’s family.  Since Danny lost his wife Pam, his mother come and help him to take care of his children. But his mother has to go home and she leaves. After leaving his mother, Danny and his three children DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle start living together with two guys. One is called Uncle Jesse. He is Danny’s brother-in-law and Pam’s brother. And another one is Joey. He is best friend of Danny. Because of two guys started living with Tanner’s family,  DJ have to share her room with her younger sister, Stephanie. DJ doesn’t like that at all and get mad. So she move to garage and start having her own room in there. Danny say that she can’t stay in garage, but DJ doesn’t hear that. So he asks the reason why she get so mad. And she answer that “It’s just not fair. First, I lose my mom; then Grandma leaves. Now, I even lose my own room. Everything keeps disappearing.” Then, Danny answer that “I know exactly how you feel. And I know how much you girls miss your mother…because I miss her too. Very much. But you still got me.” And Stephanie says “You got me, too.” Then they make up. DJ get back her room and start share her room with Stephanie.

This is a outlne of this TV show. My favorite part is that the conversation of Danny and two girls about their family. That part made me cry. When I watched this TV show, I became very happy feeling.

This is father, Danny.

This is Uncle Jesse.

Danny’s best friend, Joey

Danny’s daughter, DJ

Danny’s daughter, Stephanie

Danny’s daughter, Michelle





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